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CAM Boots and their Uses in Rehabilitation of Foot and Ankle Injuries

CAM boots and their uses in rehabilitation of foot and ankle injuries

Written by BeneFIT Physio

June 8, 2023

In the world of orthopaedics and physiotherapy a CAM boot (Controlled Ankle Motion boot) is used in the rehabilitation process of foot fractures and overuse foot injuries.

What is a CAM boot?

A CAM boot is a specially designed medical shoe that immobilizes the foot and ankle while providing a comfortable walking surface.

This boot plays an instrumental role in the healing and rehabilitation process, enabling patients to maintain mobility during the healing phase.

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Understanding the Role of CAM boots in Foot Fracture Rehabilitation

Foot fractures are among the most prevalent types of orthopaedic injuries. They can occur as a result of acute trauma, such as a fall or a sudden impact, or from chronic stress.

Once a fracture occurs, immediate immobilization is necessary to prevent further damage and to allow the healing process to begin.

This is where a CAM boot comes into play.

The boot provides the necessary immobilization by limiting the range of motion of the ankle and foot. This controlled motion can significantly speed up the healing process by preventing unnecessary strain on the injured area, while still allowing some degree of mobility.

It’s worth noting that the boot’s design provides a more natural gait than traditional casts, which can provide improved comfort and prevent other compensatory injuries.

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The Walker: An Essential Tool for Overuse Foot Injuries

Overuse foot injuries, such as plantar fasciitis, stress fractures, and Achilles tendinopathy, are a common affliction among athletes and individuals with active lifestyles. Often, these conditions are caused by repetitive stress on the foot and ankle without adequate rest and recovery time.

In treating these conditions, the use of a CAM boot has shown great promise. The boot helps offload pressure from the affected area, providing relief from pain while promoting healing. By limiting and controlling motion in the foot, the CAM boot allows for gradual reintroduction of weight-bearing activities.

As previously mentioned, the walker’s design promotes a more natural walking pattern, reducing the risk of developing compensatory movement habits that could lead to other injuries. Successful application of the CAM boot can prevent the need for surgical intervention!

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Incorporating CAM boots into Your Rehabilitation Plan

Whether you are recovering from a foot fracture or an overuse injury, a CAM boot can be an effective addition to your rehabilitation plan. While the boot plays a crucial role in the initial stages of recovery, it’s equally important to follow a comprehensive rehabilitation program designed by a medical professional. This program should include targeted exercises to rebuild strength, flexibility, and balance once the healing of injured structures has begun.

Remember, the goal of using a CAM boot is to protect the foot and ankle during the healing process while allowing for controlled motion. It is essential to follow the guidance of your healthcare provider regarding when to wear the boot, how much weight to put on the foot, and when to start transitioning out of the boot.

If you have suffered an overuse foot injury or sustained a foot/ankle fracture, contact us at Benefit Physiotherapy to discuss if a CAM boot is the right solution for you!

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