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Workers Compensation

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Workers Comp Treatment Parra

Physiotherapists at Benefit Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Clinic have full qualifications and registration through SIRA to treat Workers Compensation and CTP injuries.

Our physiotherapists are trained to understand your injuries in the context of your work and pre-injury lifestyle.

We will provide treatment for your work injury or CTP injury and develop a rehabilitation program to facilitate your return back to full health.

Workers Comp Treatment Parra
Workers Comp Treatment

Keeping Communication Open

We will take care of the admin. When dealing with Work Cover and CTP claims you’ll have lots of appointments to attend and even more paperwork to sort through.

We will help you stay on top of this by communicating openly and regularly with

  • you
  • your treating doctor
  • case manager
  • rehab manager
  • any other health professionals involved.

This ensures your recovery process is as smooth and simple as possible. We will not contact your employer throughout this process unless you’ve asked us to.

This open communication will help give everyone involved regular feedback about your recovery to make the process as simple and smooth as possible.

Physiotherapy for Workers Comp & CTP

Before we begin treatment for any WorkCover or CTP claim, you will need to lodge your claim and be assessed by a GP.

If your application has been accepted you will receive a claim number and be assigned with a case manager.

When you attend your appointment at Benefit Physiotherapy you should bring these details along with the Work Cover or CTP referral provided by your doctor.

Once we have received these details, we’ll take care of the rest – including billing, lodgment for future appointment requests and communication with involved parties.

If you require physiotherapy for Workers Compensation or Compulsory Third Party (CTP) related injuries contact us to make an appointment.

Work Injury

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