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Chronic Injury

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Treating Chronic Injury

Chronic injury is a difficult thing to manage. It generally reduces participation in sport and daily activity which causes depression, reduces health outcomes and reduces quality of life.

These conditions are difficult to treat and often a “cure” is not achievable. But understanding the underlying pathology and contributing factors in chronic injury can be the first step, as we use physiotherapy for pain management.

The first rule of treating chronic injury is to not treat the chronic injury. Patients who have already fought that battle and lost will agree that this approach leads to more injury and more discomfort.

Generally speaking, chronic injury will stem from an underlying problem which has not been identified. This may be a structural problem such as osteoarthritis, a functional problem causing overload of the injured area, or even an external problem such as overtraining or poor technique.

Physiotherapy for pain
Chronic Injury Physio - Benefit Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy For Pain Management 

At Benefit Physiotherapy our experience tells us that understanding and managing the contributing factors is far more effective than treating the injury itself.

Our chronic injury physio treatment results show that our patients can reduce their pain and increase their function while still living with the chronic condition.

Ultimately this allows greater participation which leads to better health outcomes and improved quality of life.

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