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Physiotherapy After Surgery

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A key goal of physiotherapy is to provide rehabilitation solutions which help people avoid surgery. However, for some conditions surgery is required to get the best long-term outcomes.

Physiotherapy before and after surgery can significantly improve your post-operative outcomes and long-term benefits. At Benefit Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Clinic we work closely with surgeons across Sydney to achieve the best outcomes for our patients.

Post operative physiotherapy rehabilitation is often divided into three stages:

  • protection phase
  • movement phase
  • strengthening phase
Physiotherapy After Surgery
Post Surgery Physiotherapy

The Protection Phase

The protection phase often involves braces or slings to immobilise the affected area and provide an optimal environment for the damaged tissue to heal.

For more vulnerable surgeries your surgeon may recommend avoiding post surgery physiotherapy for a period of time to prevent injury.

It’s important to follow the surgeon’s guidelines because different types of surgery require different approaches.


The  Movement Phase

During the movement phase, your physiotherapist will work to not only restore movement but also ensure your muscle activation patterns return to their pre-operative state.

Your physiotherapist will guide you through the necessary exercises based on the injury and surgical protocol provided by your surgeon.

Using physiotherapy after surgery, with time, you will be able to regain both movement and strength to get back to normality with comfort and ease.

Post Operative Physiotherapy
Physiotherapy After Surgery Parramatta Rehabilitation

The Rehabilitation Phase

The final rehabilitation phase is the strengthening phase. The goal here is to transition from basic functioning to advanced and complex tasks.

This stage will vary from person to person – for example the functional needs of an elite cyclist compared to a sprinter are very different, and these again are very different to an elderly person who wants to get back to their daily walk.

Having a physiotherapist assess your physical needs and create a tailored rehabilitation program will get you back to your best without compromising the surgery.

The Benefits of Physiotherapy After Surgery

Benefit Physiotherapy Personal Treatment

With time and gentle guidance from a physiotherapist you will be able to return to a functional, pre-surgery level of physical activity. The benefits of post operative physiotherapy in this setting include:


  • Complete healing
  • Quicker return to function
  • Restoration of movement and flexibility
  • Reduced pain and discomfort
  • Reduced risk of post-operative complications (such as blood clotting and re-injury)
  • Improved circulation
  • Improved strength and proprioception (spatial awareness)
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